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Get the 411 on Scentsy’s Room Sprays

Here’s what you need to know about the room sprays that Scentsy makes …

•They are 2.7 fl oz/80 ml. Now in aluminum bottles so no leakage!
•Currently on sale: Buy 5 Get 1 FREE!!


•They are awesome anywhere! Small enough to fit in a purse, bag, briefcase, jacket pocket; ideal for hotel rooms, cars, lockers, homes, offices, daycares, doctor’s offices … anywhere! (They also make amazing gifts for all the people at those places!!)


•TRUTH: I used my room spray on my sheets the other day. Just sprayed 3 sprays over my entire bed. That was last Friday. Today is Tuesday. I can still smell that Scentsy awesomeness! I won’t lie, I was so surprised! Really!! Usually when I use Febreze (or something similar) to freshen up fabrics around the house, I can’t even smell it within an hour. You know it’s true. But I was really blown away by the Scentsy spray.

So … brutal honesty time. Which is something I feel like a lot of consultants won’t offer customers because they’re too busy trying to rack up that commission. But I will. And I’m not tooting my own horn, I’m just laying it on the table. I’m not going to try & convince people to spend their hard earned money on crap products because I would feel lousy. One of the easiest parts of my job is being able to gush & 100% stand behind Scentsy products & their performance. Because it’s the truth!!

YES … Scentsy is pricier than similar products off the top.
BUT … You truly get your money’s worth. Truly. I can not stress this enough. Scentsy products are more durable & long lasting than any similar product on the market.

I digress. Haha. Typical. Back to room sprays …

They’re available in the following scents:
Favorites collection
Spring & Summer collection
Corner Café collection
Scentsy Man collection
Romance collection
Spa collection
Seven Seas collection

Every scent Scentsy offers.
Grab yours here!!


New scents added to the Scent Pak line!!

Amalfi Coast
Italian citrus grove: sparkling pomelo, white grapefruit, Capri lime

Just Breathe
Eucalyptus, zesty lemon, mint medley

Love Story
Pink jasmine, dark chocolate, sensual amber

Surfer Chick
Bubbly lemon tonic, guava, sweet cherries, blackberries

Jasmine, sweet pea, freesia, juicy berries, sandalwood

Mums & Marigolds
Marigolds, rhubarb, cedar, musk

Paradise Punch
Indian orange, lemon juice, açai berries, starfruit

Vanilla flower, sandalwood, tuberose

Be Still
Mandarin, violet petals, sandal tree

Jumpin Jelly Bean
Pear, apple, lemon, sugar

Lush Gardenia
Gardenia, tuberose

Peach À La Mode
Peaches, sugar, vanilla cream

Refreshing, sharp, spicy, outdoors

White Sands
Jasmine, coconut milk, rice

Wishing Well
Rainwater, water hyacinth, green fern


Scent Paks are perfect for Scentsy Buddies, closets, gym bags, drawers, cars, lockers–anywhere you want a little touch of Scentsy!

Available in 44 total fragrances, $7 each.

Pick yours out here!!