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Woes are me.

What a rollercoaster of a week thus far. I feel like I say that in every post but this week it’s truly true. There is so much I don’t know where to begin, what to disclose, how to organize it to be coherent…I just feel the need to write. I want to pour my heart out, but can’t without revealing every..single..last..detail that I don’t particularly want all of creation to know. I also want to just spit out a simple feel-good post, partly because I never do anymore…a majority of my posts are depressing, depressed, whiny, bitchy, negative, etc cetera.

Now that I’ve brought it up I may as well tell you that we’re on the brink of pure homelessness, which is completely terrifying. I’m pretty sure the past year (and moving forward yet) has been the most horrible year we’ve had; well, neck in neck with the year Mom passed. Without rehashing all of the previously disclosed details (haha, gives you a reason to go back & read more of my posts!), our Housemate is anxious to put his house on the market; that means we need to skidaddle & he seems to think that a week’s length is adequate time for a family of 5 (with, ahem, no vehicle–no money–no place to go–no resources–no prospects) to figure it out & make it happen.

Sure, if we had money saved to cover: a rental deposit, first month’s rent, a lights deposit, a water deposit, then it’d be easy peasy.
        Except we don’t.
Because we’ve been living in a vicious cycle of having just enough money to continue existing, yet no where near enough to actually make life worthwhile. Or, for that matter, to save.

Add to that the fact that we have no vehicle. 8 months ago I remember feeling so so lucky to have two...two! But now we have neither. So we can’t even count on that as a temporary shelter, or to get anywhere. I hate this thought & it’s crass…but…is Housemate going to give us a ride to the homeless shelter, dump us in front, then drive merrily into the sunset?
        How could someone feasibly do that? Without feeling like a world class piece-o-shit?
I couldn’t. When we had our house, we made it well known (to my sister, to our friends, to anyone we knew & trusted) that our home was always open to them if they ever needed a place to fall, and for however long they needed it (The way Mom always was to me & would still be today…if only she were here). We don’t have that. I feel like we’re dangling our feet over the edge of a cliff. Hubs has family but I don’t even know if we could stay with them, plus it’s in a different state (which would mess up the life we’re trying to remake here). I would greatly prefer staying with family over staying in a shelter…but who’s to say they’ll even help us? Sometimes they can be great, the ideal family, standing right up shouting “yea, yea y’all can stay with me! I love family & wanna show it! Come on over”…and other times they can be the “oh, you have absolutely no where to go? Well sorry but I don’t have enough room in this big house, sounds like a real problem, good luck, hope something works out, talk to ya later”-kind of family.
        Yes, I’m dead serious.

So, the ever-present feelings of sickness, worry, depression, wistful-ness & anxiety are even stronger than before. I don’t sleep. I can’t eat. My brain feels fried & yet empty from trying to figure out solutions.  I was going to post a quickie post about grilled cheese & how they make a great last-minute meal (especially when you have extra kids, like we most always usually do because we’re suckers); how I love a grilled cheese with “everything”, and how I even had the opportunity to first have one that way. But…alas…I don’t feel like it now. Now that I’ve dredged up all bad news & worries it’s kind of hard to back pedal & talk about cheese & childhood memories.

Oh, how I wish I could.
I wish like hell that was all I had to concentrate on, to worry about.
Instead I’ve got 3 little faces looking up at me, wondering what comes next.

And the only answer I have is terrifying to us all…I don’t know.

Post-Mother’s Day post.

Ahh, mother’s day.

Such a weird holiday for me. As a mom I’m the one who pays attention to dates/holidays/birthdays & remembers (or in my case doesn’t remember in time) to send cards…the one who worries about planning the meal…the one who frets about gifts (what kind, how much, for the love of God is everyone even?!). Cruelly, I lost my mom in 2009. So of course ever since then Mother’s Day lost 50% of it’s meaning…the other 50% breaks down like this:
25% is me realizing I’m a mom & I love my kids more than life, so that provides some meaning.
25% is faking like I’m so so happy that day for the kids’ benefit, which in turn makes me feel guilty toward them.

See why I’d rather just skip it? I feel bad saying that, as if I don’t love my kids enough or something. It’s a ridiculous, exhausting circle of emotions. It’s just a tainted day for me.

And then the gift thing…although this year is by far our worst financial year ever, we’ve never been rich…we’ve always been on a budget. My Husband, however, has champagne taste on a beer budget. Every year he asks what I want & I honestly tell him: “I don’t want you to spend money. Period. Seriously. I’d much, much rather have everyone get along & do little favors for me all day & maybe the dishes. I don’t want to have to worry about what we’re going to do without money.”

So of course he completely ignores me, buys a gift anyway (65% of the time he lucks out & gets something I will use or did want), and I worry like crazy about what we’ll do about this or that now that he spent “x” amount of dollars. It’s sweet & his heart is in the right place; I appreciate his determination & thoughtfulness. I just wish people would listen to me once in awhile.

Anyway, back to mother’s day. I know you’ve heard it all before but I’ll reiterate: appreciate your mom if you still have her. Recognize that her annoying habits or questions or whatever won’t always be there to annoy you and I promise you, you’ll miss them when they’re gone (just like high school!). Make time for your mom, do things to help your mom, tell her how important she is to you. Life as you know it could change in the blink of an eye; remember that next time your mom wants you to show her over the telephone how to search the web on her new smartphone.

My cards from my lil man.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there–old moms or  young; new mom’s or seasoned pros; birth moms or step-moms; everyday you make a difference in the life of your child/children & everyday you survive the hardest job on the planet: motherhood. So pat yourself on the back & do something you want to…you’re doing a great job, keep up the good work!

Nothing beats fancy like simple...my (chosen) M.D. dinner of chicken sandwiches, prepared by ze Husband. And they were soooo good!

And to all the mom’s in my life (even though 98% of them don’t read my blog…what is with me & percentages today?!): Happy Mother’s Day! I hope it’s wonderful –just like you!–and I love you!

My cards from my gals & hubs. Super pretty!

(Normally I would insert a photo or two of my mom here but I don’t currently have access to any…boo)

Message in a bottle…


I’ve been lost but I’ve (momentarily) found my way back…to WordPress anyway.

It’s terribly hard to pay your phone bill when you have no steady income, so I haven’t had the internet access people usually take for granted. On top of that, the internet/Wi-Fi at the house has been acting wonky…if the desktop had internet then the router wouldn’t & vice versa. I was finally able to straighten that out, so it all works together now, but the signal the router gets has been in & out for some reason the past few days.

You can’t win for losing, eh? More like ‘I’.

Hopefully everyone out there is doing well & enjoying nice weather. As for me, my life is still a jumbled, aggravating, lonely, heavy mess. I’ll spare you the details; at least in this post.

My clinical depression has come back swiftly & more intensely than before, when I was first diagnosed as a teen. The only thing(s) that saves me is my kids and I truly mean that. Dark thoughts are no laughing matter and the more you have the easier it seems to pull them off. I’m sure some of you know exactly what I’m talking about. I guess in one respect it’s a hidden blessing that I am broke right now, otherwise I’d have plenty of money to transform thoughts into actions.

Maybe I’m weird or selfish but it makes me so sad–to the point of tearing up–to think of not seeing my babies grow up, to not be there with them. So they really do save me; they’re handy for cheering me up daily & they’re also good at being annoying sometimes to help take my mind off of things (haha).

I feel bad about returning with such a depressing & dreary post but I had to clear my head a little….so, I’ll return you to your regularly scheduled programming after leaving you with a picture of this….

This always brings a smile.

You’re welcome. 😉

PS: don’t you just love the Ticket Oak & the retarded faces it makes?!

PPS: yes, I still use the word retarded to describe ridiculous, silly, funny stuff. So don’t judge me. It’s stupid for some people to make such a big deal out of some words.

What’s in a name?

I’m such a scatter-brain. I’ve been working on a different post off & on all day (a bitch-fest, as per my usual!) but can’t seem to find my way to the end, so I thought I’d take a break, try a totally different (happier) subject, & use the 40 minutes I have before the rugrats get home.

I’ve noticed lately that A–our youngest & only boy–refers to C & I as “my Dad” or “my Mom” when talking with/to his friends. I find it bittersweet…it’s cute that he’s so ‘mature’ now that he’s the big 6 & doesn’t want to say “mommy” & “daddy” anymore……but it also makes me sad, of course. It’s the same feeling as the other firsts: first day of school, first lost tooth, etc. You automatically want the best for your kids, which in turn means you want them to grow up (not much choice anyway–haha) intelligent & beautiful & to be a good person…but sometimes those little signs of growing up can make ya a lil misty-eyed.

Granted, he still calls me “Mommy” when addressing me/another family member and it’s the same for C and “Daddy”, so I’m glad of that at least. The girls dropped the Y’s a while ago, I knew it would only be a matter of time once A went into school too. Understandable; no one wants to be the “loser” Friend who refers to their parents in a baby-ish way. They still do the Y version at home but I can tell they do it for our benefit. The other night D was telling a story & started to say “Dad” but then stretched it into “Daddy”.

So the question becomes…do you just sit back & let nature take it’s course, let them banish the Y’s for good when they decide to?
Do you put a spotlight on it by telling them it’s okay to drop the Y’s if they want (if you can bring yourself to do it!)?

I’m always fretting over things just like this & it’s partly because I have no one to turn to and ask. My mom is gone & that left a huge hole in my entire life…she was always the one I’d turn to for anything. I don’t talk with my Aunt (Mom’s sister) as much as I used to because I hate being on the phone (can’t hear, too chaotic) & she won’t email with me because she doesn’t like to type (despite the fact that she’s literally on Facebook alllllll day playing games…); anyway…I don’t want to make this post all sad & dreary, I was just clarifying part of why I’m so…indecisive? Unsure of what decision would be best? I like to see as many sides (or opinions) as possible when faced with a decision–no matter how small–because I just like to know the whole of it. You know? I believe some may call that anal….

I don’t remember any sort of conversation with either of my parents about what I called them; I’ve always used “Dad” & “Mom”, and I’m sure probably the Y versions as a baby although I don’t remember it. I also don’t remember my own transition…in ninth grade a passing fad was to call your mom “Mommy” but I didn’t participate long because it felt weird, like I was trying to be something I wasn’t. Sometimes I wish I could’ve used “Mama” off & on (that’s what she called her mom) because I think it’s cutesy & country; and I did occasionally but it never stuck, never became the name.

So…to say something or to not say something…that is the question. I want them to be comfortable, not inadvertently pushed into using a name/names they don’t feel fit anymore simply because they know we like it.

I know, I know………….I’m a basket case. 😉

Schooooooool’ssssss out…for…SUMMA!!

It totally snuck up on me.  I’ve had a lot on my mind lately & completely didn’t realize the end of school was upon us, until looking at the calendar one day & it was like “Oh, the last day of school is in 3 days.  Wait…whaaa??!”.  Anyway, now I’ve got all these random thoughts, tips & ideas floating through my head & taking up too much room.  So I figured well hell, why not blog about it?!  So here we go:
(This list may or may not evolve as I think up new crap…feel free to leave your own ideas in the comments!)

*Make ice cubes out of whatever non-carbonated drinks you have on hand, that way your drinks won’t get watered down in the summer heat yet will still be cold! For example: kool-aid cubes for kool-aid, lemonade cubes for lemonade, etc.

*Set up a lemonade stand & get your kids to “work” it.  It’ll teach them all kinds of great, valuable life lessons as well as earn them some summer spending money (plus 10% for yourself for raising them) & give them something to do to keep them out of your face for awhile. (PS: I have a great homemade recipe on this blog!)

*Water.  When it’s hot outside water is a great toy.  If you’re like us & don’t live somewhere that is flat enough for a cheap-o pool, give the kids water to play with.  Some people would worry it would run the water bill up too much but it really won’t & the few cents extra that it may cost will be worth it to keep those kids busy…trust me.  Invest in a slip & slide maybe.  Or water guns.  Or even just some water in one of those athletic type water bottles that you can squeeze & it streams out.  Hell, fill up a Rubbermaid tub & let them splash each other in the driveway.  Water amazes kids.

*Utilize your crock-pot & outdoor grill.  Grills are a summer staple but a lot of people tend to view crock-pots as being more of a winter time thing.  Not at all!  Using your crock-pot will save you time in the kitchen, therefore giving you more time with the family.  It will not turn your kitchen into a sauna, like the oven will.  Doesn’t suck a lot of electricity, which is important during the summer if you use central air & your bill is higher.

*At the risk of sounding like a Martha Stewart rip-off, try to plan 1-2 things to do with your kids every week.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a craft, but summer is a great time to keep in tune with your kids…they’re not gone at school all day & quality time is extremely important.  Something as simple as a walk or weeding the flower bed together counts.

*Two words: MOVIE.  NIGHT.  We do movie night pretty much every Friday & Saturday during the school year, & then during summer it’s usually every night.  Sometimes we do family movie night (self-explanatory) & sometimes we send the kids off to their room(s) to do their own movie night.  A lot of times we pop popcorn (from the kernels!) & have other snacks.  It’s just a cool yet cost effective way to get the kids out of your face watch a movie.

*Go to the local library.  At the risk of sounding like a complete After School Special (remember those?!) I highly recommend the library.  It is free(!), they usually will have at least 1 free(!) summertime kids program/event, & nurturing a love of reading early on provides soooo many benefits I won’t bore you with them all here (just think on it a minute & you’ll see). 

*Invest in bug spray.  Lots of it.  I don’t know about you but bugs irritate the living shitballs out of me.  Also invest in some itch relief cream/gel, sunscreen (wear it/put it on the kids every sunny day!), sunburn relief & it wouldn’t hurt to grab one of those to-go “boo-boo” kits….places like Hellmart Wal-Mart used to have them for, like, 98¢ but they’re probably $4.99 nowadays.  You could probably just build your own from stuff you already have.

*PoPsIcLeS!!  Up until this year I was totally one of those popsicle Nazi’s that despised them because when it’s hot out (of course) they get everything within a 2 mile radius drippy & messy & sticky.  Blegh.  However I have seen the light!  You can get a box of 100 (I think) for $3.80 at Hellmart Wal-Mart, the childhood-reminiscent Pop Ice brand.  They taste great & there are lots of them & they’re basically frozen sugar water.  Sure the kids may get a little hyper but in my opinion it’s a fair trade off for a little extra mopping & a chunk of time that I don’t have to hear “I’m bored”.  I’ve even stepped my game up to letting my kids have more than 1 in a five minute period.  I mean hell…it’s not like they’re filling or something, like a T-bone.

*Cook-out time, bitches!  We love feeding people (must have 1/4 Italian in us) & having a cook-out is awesome.  It’s relaxing (well…more so then preparing a regular dinner), you can have friends/family over, you can keep the menu relatively cheap, and everyone can just hang out & enjoy summer….coated in bug spray of course.  If you don’t have a grill just grab a bag of charcoal & go to a local park & utilize one of their built in grills.  If you don’t have a lot of budget then decide on cheap stuff & split the grocery list with whoever is coming (who said you had to be the one to always provide everything?! Plus true friends/family should be more than happy to pitch in, in my opinion).  All in all it’s a good time & one of our favorite things.

*Chores.  As a stay at home Mom I keep a pretty usual, mundane schedule of daily crap to do.  The kids have one or two chores to do regularly but during the summer they get a couple extra.  Why?  Because they’re there & perfectly capable of helping out.  Because there are more dishes to wash, clothes to launder & mess to continually clean up.  Because they can earn money.  Because it teaches them responsibility.  Because they’re good kids & usually don’t mind helping out.

Pinterest rant #2

Okay, so in preparation for Easter I thought some decorations and/or projects for the kids to do would be nice.  This year we haven’t had our decorating hats on so all of the stuff we usually put out is still lost in the closet.  While browsing different amazing looking craft ideas on Pinterest, I came across one where you wrap yarn around a balloon with candy inside.  Hubs liked it too & we figured what the hell, doesn’t look too difficult.  WRONG.

We went to Hellmart & got the supplies: balloons, 99¢/bag; yarn, $2.??; glue, 34¢/each, candy, $16/bag (not really but it might as well be, huh?).  We went home & organized all the supplies on the kitchen table then called the brood in.  Utilizing the barren, no words instructions on the Pin (people are so thoughtful aren’t they??) we set about putting candies into balloons, blowing them up a little (supposed to be egg shaped), tying them off, cutting off a length of yarn we figured would fit, running it through the glue, and stringing it around the balloon in different directions.  I think I forgot to mention the point of this craft is to pop the balloon when the yarn is dried & the candy is magically inside.  Anyway…this proved much harder for all of us than we’d figured.  Our 5 year old said screw this when he found out he had to touch glue.  Then there were 4.  Our 10 & 9 year olds tried their best but couldn’t get the yarn to stay put so we ended up having to help both of them.  Which really put a delay in our production line of cranking these babies out to pimp our house out for Easter.

For those of you that are still awake, it ended up that the girls finished theirs & after the kids went to bed husband & I sat up till midnight working on these monstrous lovely balloon eggs.  The next day when we went to pop the balloons things didn’t go as imagined either.  The balloon stuck (especially on the smaller ones) so that basically as you’re trying to get the balloon unstuck you’re pulling too much on the yarn & it’s losing it’s shape. So you end up with this:


Hhmmm.  Totally defeats the purpose of the entire craft.  There’s gonna be candy falling out of that bitch everywhere if I can ever get the balloon out.  The larger ones actually worked better because you had more room to work the balloon:


However some of our big ones aren’t exactly up to par on the bottoms; we kind of left some big holes because we’re lazy fucks & were tired of doing children’s crafts at midnight.  Soooo…as long as we stand it up you can’t tell a thing.  I’m sure people would still look at it & exclaim “My my, how beautiful and unique!  However did you get that candy in there?”


So I’m on the fence whether this was a hit or miss.  It worked, granted; but not like we’d hoped.  I don’t think it qualifies as a #PinterestScam though.

Pinterest Rant #1 (oh yes there’s many more to come. I’m exposing Pinterest.)

Anymore when I get on Pinterest I look at all the different pins & I wonder “Will that really work?”.  I don’t know if that’s just me being a pessimist or if others wonder the same thing.  And I say “anymore when I get on” like I’m some veteran of Pinterest when in reality I don’t think I’ve even been joined (a member? Signed up? Whatever.) a full month yet.  When I did join I was overwhelmed at all of the awesome, mind boggling shit on there!!  A face mask to clear acne using only baking soda & orange juice?  Heck yes!  A pin with 365 different crock-pot recipes?  Jackpot.  Make your own paint with flour?  Hooray!  That’s not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg, I just can’t think of any more right now.

So anyway I didn’t want to be a “lazy Pinner” where I just sat here & virtually hoarded all kinds of awesome ideas & recipes; I vowed to start trying them.  I mean…what’s the point in pinning them for later if you never do them?  First up was a cool science experiment type of pin that we had all the stuff for & I figured my kids would like.  It was how to make a glow stick bottle using mountain dew, baking soda, & peroxide.  Check, check, check.  We even watched the video these 2 guys posted where they demonstrated how to do it.  So we tried it and (insert drumroll here)…..nothing.  Tried again; hey, maybe we messed up.  I know it’s hard to imagine but stranger things have happened.  Nothing again.  Made sure we had all fresh ingredients & tried again.  Nothing.  So I was starting to get pissed & we re-watched the video.  In the comments I began noticing several people saying they thought the guys had added something because of some fishy hand movements; every single person said it didn’t work.  Plus I noticed at the end he has wayyy more mountain dew than when he started.  Like…way way more.  I ended up leaving a comment on the video & instead of cussing like others had chosen to do I called them jerks & tried to make them feel like the assholes they are for disappointing little kids, which I know for a fact they did in my house & I’m sure a lot of other people’s too.  Then I went back to Pinterest & added “Pinterest Scam” to the pin so people would know.  If more people would actually try this shit & then scam tag it if it doesn’t work, maybe we can stop Pinterest’s decline into a spam wasteland.  Because it’s on the horizon people.  It is coming.

A little boy & a big fundraiser.

Some of you who know me may already know our story. This post is for those of you that may not, and to explain what I’m trying to do.

*Disclaimer* I can be long winded. That’s your only warning. 😉

In the summer of 2010 my husband & I noticed a lump on the right side of our two year olds belly. We did some Googling & figured it was a bellybutton hernia, which are apparently quite common in children. Nevertheless we made an appointment with the Pediatrician just to be sure. My first clue that we were wrong was when the Doctor didn’t know right away what it was. Whenever a Doctor doesn’t automatically hand you a diagnosis (especially with your children) you become worried. Instead he sent us to the hospital to have xrays & CT scans done. When the results came back in less than a few days, we were summoned to his office.

“It’s cancer.” I felt like someone dropped a boulder in my stomach. My butt wasn’t even completely in the seat and that’s what I heard. It’s not like in the movies, when you hear something like that in real life. At least not for us. There were no outbursts of tears or anger. Just open mouthed, silent disbelief. A billion thoughts crowded my head & swirled around at once. One of the main ones was “Surely to God he accidentally picked up the wrong file…I know he doesn’t mean OUR son.” I even mentally willed him to re-check the name & say “I’m so sorry folks, there’s been a mix up!”. But he didn’t. And when he didn’t is when I grabbed my husbands hand like a lifeline, already depending on him to help me survive this. The results were that our baby boy (who’s smile completely lit up a room) had a rare form of pediatric kidney cancer, stage II. The lump was actually a cancer-filled tumor inside his right kidney. How could something so ugly & horrid be inside our gorgeous, playful, funny, unique little boy?? His Doctor gave us the contact information for the “best team of doctors in the area” & made an appointment.

When we got back out to the car is when it really became real. Shaking, crying, wondering, nausea, confusion…the entire range of negative emotions a human being can have. Somehow we made it back home. Telling our families was surreal, almost like we were playing a sick joke. It seemed like everyone tiptoed around us because no one knew what to say. I remember we all sat on the porch for hours & repeated the same things in utter disbelief, while our son played in the yard with his two sisters. Yes, appearances can be mighty deceiving.

It became pretty fast paced after that. Once he went to his first appointment at the children’s hospital he didn’t leave for two weeks. It was explained to us that if the tumor inside his kidney happened to burst, cancer cells would spread throughout his body. He would need a right nephrectomy, removal of his entire right kidney. And the surgery would be precarious because of the risk of the tumor bursting mid-removal. He was admitted partially because his blood pressure was dangerously high & they had to get a handle on it before his surgery. The other reason was they wanted the tumor out as soon as possible, so the surgeon made room in his schedule for our son. I’ll spare every little detail & emotion & happenstance, although I would like to voice it one day. But this post is geared toward fundraising. In the end it was hard. At times almost excruciating. I am so thankful that both of our families rallied around & gave us support in so many ways. It would’ve been a thousand times worse if they hadn’t been there for us. The day of the surgery was the scariest day of my life since my Mom had passed away. Everyone worries when a loved one goes into surgery but it seemed our stakes were so high. God bless his extremely talented surgeon, Dr. Smith. When he came to us afterward & broke into a huge grin all I could do was cry & thank him repeatedly, we all did. It was a team of special people who overall saved our son, but I will always feel like Dr. Smith held a part of our future in his hands that day. The recovery & accompanying details are also for another blog post, maybe one day soon. Our strong baby boy recovered beautifully & today he plays, runs, jumps, eats, breathes, & LIVES like any other normal 3 year old. We are so thankful everyday. He goes every 3 months now to have imaging done (xrays & CT scans) just to keep a handle on things. So far so good, everything looks awesome.

He’ll turn 4 this month & I thought it would be a perfect tribute to his battle to host a fundraiser through Scentsy. Scentsy (in case you haven’t heard) are awesome wax warmers that use lightbulbs instead of a flame, and the wax doesn’t get above body temperature so it’s very very safe for children, pets, anyone! Scentsy is not only a perfect more-for-your-money alternative to candles but they also offer many other products as well: Buddies (stuffed animals!), room spray, scent circles (ie: hang in your car), travel tins (great for lockers!), body spray/wash/lotion, laundry care items…etc etc. A lot of people truly don’t realize how amazing AHHHMAZING these products are; how delicious & true to life they smell, the value they offer because of how long they last, the safety benefits, their appearance…I could go on and on. The bottom line is once you give in & buy one, you’re addicted. That’s part of the reason I love my job as a Scentsy consultant! I don’t have to lie to people to sell a junk product. I stand behind Scentsy products 100% and it’s so simple too!

My fundraiser will be going on during all of March. All you have to do if you’d like to order is go to my website (www.heathersgotscents.scentsy.us) and on the left hand side will be a list of parties. Just click the party referencing “St. Jude’s” & take a look around!! That easy. Then, 95% of my proceeds from the St. Jude’s Scentsy party will be donated to St. Jude’s!! I’ll even post a proof receipt on this blog.

I’m asking everyone to please, PLEASE help me get word out about my fundraiser. St. Jude’s depends on donations, etc to keep their doors open. They don’t turn any child away for ANY reason, EVER. They perform lifesaving procedures, check ups, research, nice hospitals for these awesomely brave kids, waiting room toys & activities, in-patient rooms…so so much more. Even if you’re not interested in Scentsy, it would mean so much if you could pass this blog link on, or my Scentsy site. All of my contact info will be listed at the bottom. It just takes a couple clicks to share online, and super easy to tell people in person–all they’d have to do is search my name on Scentsy’s main site.

Think about all the good that we can accomplish if we just band together and do it. This will help save lives, and be appreciated so greatly.

Thank you very much for your time!! =]

Heather Howell
Independent Scentsy Consultant

Heather’s Scentsy Site


Twitter: @heathrsgtscents

Email: handesaus@gmail.com

Playing in the snow! Feb '12