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Flappy Bird for free (Yes I’m serious!) & the lack of human morals on Craigslist.

So apparently I missed all of the hubub surrounding the newest time waster (as I usually do), Flappy Bird. I caught a sound-bite on the news that (for whatever reason…to feel special, I guess?) the Creator had decided to cause everyone problems discontinue the availability of this game that everyone has fallen head over heels for. I thought about downloading it just to try it then decided “Nah, I’ll never play it anyway”.

Then I got on Craigslist & almost threw up in my own mouth over the ridiculous, slimy, pure greed I saw there.

People are attempting to sell their phones for thousands of dollars.

Yes, I’m serious. I saw an iPhone 4 for $8,000! All because these “precious” phones have the Flappy Bird game. I was truly appalled at the lack of human decency you must have to have in order to openly try to do people so dirty. I mean…come on people…eight thousand dollars??! It seems not to matter what make & model the phone is either….if you’re fortunate enough to have that game then you have apparently unearthed a gold nugget.

Well, have I got news for them. Thanks to a couple of decent people (who also posted ads in an attempt to counteract what is basically backyard terrorism), I have found & verified a way for Flappy Bird to live on without you paying an arm & a leg for it. Hopefully many will find my passed along information useful; it is not being given out so people can download it then turn around like a jerk-off & try to sell their own phone for some ignorant, inflated price! It is being shared to take the wind out of these idiots sails…to help nip this disturbing trend in the bud. So please, share this post to help word get out.

I followed the directions of a helpful anonymous Craigslist-er & went HERE to download Flappy Bird. Simply click the green download button, an apk is installed (don’t worry…I don’t know what the hell that is either) & then it leads you step by step through the installation. I did this on my phone & my daughter’s; it worked perfectly each time; I can’t say how an iPhone would handle this process as we are not part of the Apple movement…but Android is easy-peasy.

Actual screenshot from my phone.

In your face, (money grubbin’) Suckas.

Everyone else….enjoy your game. You can thank me later. 😉