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The Biggest Loser “controversy” that shouldn’t be!

I feel compelled to weigh in on this new “Biggest Loser controversy”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can learn more here. I won’t go into all the specifics myself; click the link & then return here to finish my gripe-fest.

For those that do know what’s going on I pose this question…WHAT’S GOING ON?? Basically, the point of this show is to lose weight. So this woman does, ends up winning the show, looks fan-fucking-tastic might I add…and people are bitching. It’s as if there are some people in this world who find it impossible to be happy (or happy for others) & just have to find something to make a fuss about.

From what I gather, this woman’s (Rachel I believe her name is) weight & height are not putting her in the dangerously underweight category, so what’s the problem?! Furthermore it’s not like this dramatic change happened overnight…it was ongoing, with not only the weight loss coaches being in on every step & pound loss but I’m sure the producers/etc. as well; yet now the word on the street is everyone was just oh-so-surprised at her big reveal. Give the woman a break, you bunch of sad sack Negative Nellies. As someone who has lost a bunch of weight myself, I’ll freely admit that when you do, you revel in compliments. Let’s be honest…when you’re Fat no one compliments you & if they do, there’s a 98% chance they’re full of shit. So let the poor woman enjoy her moment in the sun while she can! I’m telling you now, all this bitching won’t do any good anyway because she’s finally thin…she’s not going to stop maintain that & doing what she’s doing to remain thin, just because some (jealous) critics are running their mouth.

So shut up already & try to do something to enjoy life as opposed to creating friction!

Congratulations, Rachel! I’m confident you’ll use whatever weight loss tools they instilled in you to maintain your new self. You look fantabulous & deserve to enjoy the pay off of all of your hard work. Ignore those a-holes & have fun!

Meanwhile…if you need a good laugh to clear out those cobwebs of discontent, please go here! This is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen. I really mean that too!