Holler at me here…

Here’s some contact info, should you ever need it.

I was going to put the usual email yadda yadda but then it kind of seemed like I was giving myself more importance than I deserve, considering I highly doubt anyone that comes across this blog would want to contact me, other than (hopefully!) someone wanting to comment or “like” a post.

**I got sick of the fucktards on Facebook, so I don’t do that anymore.

**I got bored with Twitter & all the Scentsy bitches on there starting fights with each other. It’s entertaining for awhile but overall a dumbass waste of time.

**I do Pinterest now, my screen name there is “tnmama23”. I bitch about Pinterest a lot so maybe you’d like to check out some of the pins I’m griping about.

**I’m also occasionally available by smoke signal and/or notes in bottles.

2/9/14 Update
I don’t do Pinterest as much anymore, because my phone bitches about “insufficient space” everytime I download the app. Same with Snapchat. I also lost interest in Instagram. I’ve been pondering reviving my Facebook but haven’t quite decided. Twitter is still a no-go for me because no one I know does it. So, essentially there is no point in trying to contact me any way other than via WordPress. đŸ™‚

Either way, thanks a bunch for stopping in!

I love that fucking sheep.

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