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What the shit happened to In Session????

I am beyond puzzled and more than a little pissed that In Session has been reduced from an all day buffet of true crime glory to TWO MOTHERFUCKING HOURS!!! What. The. Fuck.

Not the later mentioned newbie.

I am an avid In Session watcher (until 3pm when they start showing that dumb bullshit about people being so idiotic they are chased by the police & blow themselves up) and even when I can’t straight up watch it all day I’ll flip over there during commercials on the kids channels. I was tuning into the Jodi Arias trial until one day I went to TruTV and they’re playing some jenky, fake as all hell court show reminiscent of Judge Judy. No warning (that I ever caught anyway), no explanation, just BOOM…”we’re changing your whole TV routine so fuck you.” For a true crime aficionado such as myself this is a bunch of bullshit. I realize this all first took place on March 4th & I’ve been meaning to bitch about it for awhile now.

The cast of In Session are like distant friends that won’t answer my calls…Vinnie with his pink shirts & super white toothpaste commercial grin; Beth with her transvestite voice (but man is she a stickler for details!); Jean with her obvious niceness even when thrust into a heated court room; and the newbie black guy (unable to steal find a pic) that gets on my nerves with his whiny voice but hey, he’s part of the package. How am I supposed to keep in touch with them if I’m reduced to 2 hours a day?! It’s like a friggin’ prison!! How am I going to get all the nitty-gritty details of these cases without spending hours on Google digging them up myself? What was the reason for this??!? And is the alternative any better?? Are you happy now, enjoyment ruiners and show lineup decision makers?? Now we’re stuck watching this dumbass fake court room bullshit and I guarantee your daytime ratings will go down, if only from my secret armchair detective army refusing to watch. So there.

What are y’all’s thoughts?? Any In Session fans out there? Maybe I’m just an outdated hag. Hhmmm.

Update: I’m kind of pissed that I spent some time finding & stealing downloading pictures of Vinnie, Beth & Jean then put them in the post but now for some reason it’s giving me an error & refusing to put them in. I’m not blog savvy enough to figure it out. Plus I’m not on a computer. It’s probably a conspiracy because I’m being so vocal about my hatred of the new lineup.

Update #2~ So I’m obviously very bothered by this change. I mean, In Session was the last remnants of Court TV, which is where this truTV mess originated from to begin with. Does the phrase “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” not mean anything to these assholes?? Apparently not. I looked up contact info for Turner Broadcasting (owned by Time Warner), who made the decision to cut 3/4 of In Session. They don’t have an email (of course…that’d be too easy & why would they want to be accessible to the public they claim to care so much about anyway?) but I did jot down their address & phone number, in case anyone else is as irate as I am and wanted to let them know.
Turner Broadcasting, One CNN Center, Atlanta Georgia 30303; (404) 827-1700

I also visited truTV’s website & they do have an email contact option however you have to choose from a list of shows, which In Session was not included (fishy). So I selected “other shows” & am providing the link in case anyone besides myself would like to let them know how pissed off they are.

Tell those bastards how you feel, Armchair Detective Army!


Here’s What:

I’ve always liked Andy Cohen, even back when he was just the host of all the Real Housewives reunion shows. He’s got a great personality for his line of work, does an excellent job of staying (pretty) neutral between all the Housewives, asks interesting questions, tries to keep the amount of focus on each woman fair, great sense of humor…yadda yadda yadda.

So I was kind of excited when his new show was announced, Watch What Happens Live. It was fun, spunky, interesting, made me laugh. I didn’t watch it every night but regularly enough. I felt like for the most part he had interesting guests & brought some different aspects to the late night TV category. I enjoyed it.

What the hell happened?? The past few shows I’ve watched have gotten on my last nerve. It’s as though Andy (or whoever puts the show together) is trying to squeeze way too much into 30 minutes. I’ve also noticed an over abundance of awkward pauses, looks & comments coming from Andy as though maybe he doesn’t like one guest as much as the other or doesn’t really know how to respond, or even worse-doesn’t know why the person is on his show (ie: promoting a CD, book, show, etc). I also can’t stand how he seems to be flying high on a coke kite & practically screaming the entire show…over top of the audience, over top of the guests, over top of himself. When I think of WWHL I get a mental picture of Andy with a delirious look on his face, tongue slapping all over, spit flying everywhere. Most unbecoming. I’ve always held the opinion that the game ideas were unique & mostly entertaining but again, they’re not giving enough time to do them. For instance last night they did a food game & gave it 80 seconds. They only got through 2 plates because they blindfolded them. The idea is great & the Ramona crazy eyes blindfolds were hilarious…but maybe add more time & not have BOTH guests blindfolded? Probably would’ve gone a little faster.

What are your thoughts? Do you watch WWHL? If so, have you noticed these changes also? I’ll still watch the show but I can pretty much promise that it won’t be nearly as much…when I sit down to watch TV I want to relax, not feel like I’m hanging out with someone speed balling.

UPDATE: After writing this post I never watched WWHL again. I’m sure they’re not heart broken over it because hell it’s still on. Just felt like updating. 🙂