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It’s true…I’m totally jealous of my children’s snow days!

When I was growing up (in Southwest Virginia) we hardly ever got unexpected snow days. I remember it was such a great feeling as you realized you could go back to bed, not deal with boring & annoying people and teachers, have a “free” day to yourself…the joy would literally swell up inside! But the area we lived in just wasn’t prone to snow. Sure, it had it’s fair share of good, plentiful snow “storms” but usually just a dusting (which did not stop everyone in town rushing to every grocery the day before to get the number 1 supplies required to survive a perilous snow storm: bread, milk, eggs, beer). Also not helping matters-I believe-was whoever made the final call on what the school would do. They must’ve been a Nazi from Florida because they didn’t want to close schools for anything. It was probably a woman…and she probably had 3-4 school-aged children at home. In that case I can’t say as I blame her. I remember one time, when I was in high school, and “they” (the ever reliable meteorologists) were expecting a big snow to come rolling in, and rolling in quickly. Nobody made any schedule changes & as we were arriving at school it was already flurrying. It didn’t take 2 hours for chaos to hit as they then decided we all needed to get home now and how to do it. Luckily I had my own car so I wasn’t stuck panicking with the saps who had to ride the bus…I had an awesome Geo Tracker so my boyfriend at the time (now my husband….yay for high school sweethearts!), myself, and a Friend of ours (who lived just down the street from me) piled in & headed for home. There was a steep hill you had to survive that made up the road my house sat on & it was slick! I can still remember my husband twisting the wheel accordingly & being in awe that even at his age (15…hey, *I* couldn’t drive in snow!) he knew what to do & handled the situation. Plus, our Friend was pregnant so that only added pressure! Anyways…I’m off topic. But who cares, eh? We made it & the memory makes me laugh.

The purpose of this blog was to post some pics I took this morning of our big snow that we received sometime between 2am & 6am.

I wanted to share with the world how incredibly lazy generous the “decision makers” are in our current area (Eastern Tennessee), by giving our children days off because of this:

Please notice how the road is not dry but clearly not slick. Clearly not snow covered. Granted, we do have to consider the whole county but I find it difficult to believe that somewhere in our county it was just sssooo bad that us stay-at-home-momma’s get to listen to the “Is it my turn to play the x-box yet?”-“I’m starving, can I have something to eat even though I just had cereal?’-“So & so won’t play with me/so & so is being mean to me/so & so called me names!” , like it’s an unexpected gift or something. Bah!

For those of you who have no snow: You lucky bastards.
For those of you who do have snow: May the force be with you.

Pinterest post #3: DIY Dishwasher detergent

I was so excited to come across this pin & immediately added it to my list of “Pinterest stuff I want to actually do ASAP”, and made sure to get the ingredients-which happened to be required by a couple other pins I was trying.  I had just run out of Cascade (perfect timing) & I was super hopeful about this pin because dishwasher detergent is ridiculously expensive.  So I made a batch of the DIY exactly as it stated (very simple…all it takes is borax + washing soda, then some white vinegar when you actually run the dishwasher) & used it, exactly as it stated.


-Insert drumroll here-
The dishes all came out amazingly, sparkling clean!  There was no particular scent other than clean-ness but I overlooked that (I’m a “smells” person…if it smells clean then I feel like it’s clean) because the dishes came out beautifully clean using a pennies-on-the-dollar mixture!  Here was my pros list:

•worked excellently
•ingredients were relatively cheap
•ingredients could multi-task for other pins
•very simple to make
•very quick to make
•would most likely have ingredients on hand to make more when I ran out as opposed to having to go to the store

The cons were:

•no awesome Gain-like smell

Happy as a clam I started using this DIY mix regularly.  Never once did I change my typical “dish habits”, even with the first run.  I will usually rinse really dirty dishes off under scalding hot water before putting them in the dishwasher; the rest just go straight in.  I don’t hand wash them then put them in or anything like that.  I kept an eye on my rinse agent level too because that’s where you put the vinegar.  Now, after a few weeks of using this mix, I’ve begun to notice there is always a film on my dishes when they’re finished.  I’m very displeased & disappointed with this latest development.  Is it some sort of build up from the borax and/or washing soda??  Should I be running some sort of cleaning cycle periodically??  I’ve tried troubleshooting this problem…I’ve made sure I filled the rinse agent with vinegar; I’ve added extra vinegar to the bottom; I’ve cut back the recommended amount (2 Tbsp) of mix; I’ve added a tiny bit more mix; I’ve rinsed the dishes off a little more than usual; I’ve run a second rinse cycle after the regular cycle.  Nothing is working.  No matter what I try I simply cannot bring back the glory I first experienced.


It is not from food, or me being lazy & throwing in dishes with sandwiches & the like still on them.  It is a soap type residue.  If I take a damp towel or rag (which I’ve been having to do unless I want to hand wash every single dish) it buffs right off.  Maybe I need to “splurge” and get some actual rinse agent?  I guess I’d still be saving money on the detergent but it would be counteracted by having to purchase the $4-$5 rinse agent!

I’m not sure whether to classify this as a scam or not…I don’t know if it’s just my experience…it does work-in the beginning-so it’s technically not a scam.  You can find the original pin & instructions HERE, until I decide whether or not to move it to my Bullsnit Pinterest Scams board.  Go try it (borax & washing soda are each $3-$4 per box) and PLEASE share your results with me!!  This is obviously driving me nuts.

Hypochondriac I am not.

I always have headaches.  Big ones, small ones, it doesn’t matter; I literally have a headache every day.  I can’t remember what life was like before I started having headaches all damn day every damn day.  I truly envy the people who pop out of bed in the morning & say “Oop, I have a headache this morning! Let me take 2 Tylenol so it’ll go away”…and then a short while later it does. I have to take various combinations of OTC pain relievers depending on the headache. Most days start of with 1 BC powder followed by a couple tension headache pills a couple hours later. Then usually another BC (or 2) in the afternoon, followed by more pills. And yet my headaches are never completely gone…just dulled a little if I’m lucky.

That’s kind of why the past few days have started to concern me. I know the type of headaches I get. But for the past 4 days I have had the worst headache of my life. (Except for maybe that time I crashed into a tree in my Tracker when I was 17 because I was trying to prove how cool I was by going “mudding” when I didn’t know jack shit about it.). Nothing–and I mean NOTHING–has helped my head. I noticed this morning that it’s spreading (?) into my neck now; my neck is stiff & it’s painful to move my head around. If the neck pain had accompanied the migraine from the beginning I’d be more apt to think it was from sleeping on it wrong or whatever but it didn’t and it’s been 4 days. So of course the logical thing to do is get on Google & see what kinds of terrible things I can pull up to scare the shit out of myself. The first thing I clicked on was about meningitis, which I had thought was eradicated in the early 1900’s, because a symptom of meningitis is a migraine with neck pain (also: fever [no], rash [no], sensitivity to light & sound [YES; isn’t that included under ‘migraine’ though??], confusion in your thinking [well hell that’s all the time!]) and some other junk that I can’t remember right now. Anyway, meningitis is basically an infection in your brain stem, hence the neck pain. If left untreated it pretty much turns your brain to mush & murders you.

So I guess the question now is “Well dummy: if you think it may be something serious why aren’t you taking your ass to an ER somewhere??”. To which the answer(s) is this: I don’t want to go & tell them what’s wrong only to have it turn out to be a really bad migraine & then they’re either looking at me like I’m stupid or like I’m a pillhead looking for a handout. Which is probably a little paranoid of me but then again probably not because last summer I got heat exhaustion & dehydrated and passed out cold in my drive way which in turn broke my damn face. For real fractured my left cheekbone. Skip some of the story, I get to the hospital in so much pain I can not even think & of course since I’m conscious they’re asking me all these questions. Uh hello–my fucking face is broken & swollen & it’s unbelievably painful to talk! Where’s the fucking morphine at??! Which is not what I said of course because I needed them to help me, but I ended up laying there for 2 hours before they gave me anything at all for pain. When I was quite clearly in pain. I mean if a broken bloody face doesn’t convince ya then I don’t know what will. So that’s why I feel like they’d look at me like that; it seems like all the ER’s & Dr.’s are tightening their belts around the medicine cabinets because of the rise in addicts & I totally get that but at the same time it’s having more than one negative impact on regular ole people like me.

I don’t know…wait it out a couple more days I guess…see what happens. But if I do end up having meningitis I get to say “I told ya so!” 😛

Blogging vs. Me, Round 2

So I’m back–or trying to come back–a year after I started this blog then inadvertently abandoned it. I don’t know what it was that blocked me before, or made me lose interest, but I’m hoping to be slightly more dedicated this time around. Maybe it was because I didn’t (still don’t) have enough confidence in myself to just put it out there & keep on putting it out there. The astonishing fact that I didn’t become Blogger #1 overnight threw me for a loop (just kidding…a little) and combined with the fact that I never got any likes or comments (except Misti bless her heart; and more recently my sister) it just kind of fizzled out for me, leaving me with the question of “What’s the point if no one is reading this crap?!” Well…the point is it’s a way for me to clear my head, and maybe my heart & just be able to decompress somewhere. My husband, my sister, my BFF, my cat (Mr. Biddles) are probably pretty tired of me beating my dead horses every day. The point is someday someone may read my random garble & it’ll help them…or inspire them…or inform them…or totally piss them off…but then I’d probably get a comment so it’d be worth it! The point is that isn’t a blog all about that very thing: people pouring forth their thoughts, opinions, ramblings, ideas, whatever into the blogosphere for other people to read?? So then the point becomes don’t I have as much right as all of the other blogging people to blog till my heart is content?? Damn right I do. If the unimaginable happens and people stumble upon my blog and don’t like what they read then they’re free to move on. Honestly I can’t see that happening because obviously people would be captivated by my dry witty sarcasm & electronic sparkle. But I want people to know that my blog won’t hold them hostage or anything. So here I go. I have no idea what I’m going to write about; I have no idea what people want to read about; I have no idea if anyone will ever even read my posts. But I’m here in the cozy, calm blogosphere & I’m gonna figure it out. I mean hell, I just wrote this whole thing while watching Bates Motel. Shit…I just realized I couldn’t pay attention so now I have to watch it again.


(Mr. Biddles–he no likes tiaras.)