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Matchbooks: the economy’s downfall. **UPDATED 3/10/14**

Am I a raving lunatic?
No. I wouldn’t say lunatic exactly…
I just like things the way I like them. Back in high school when I was going through my anorexic-goth-drinking-moving-out-at-17 finding myself phase, one of my counselors diagnosed me with a touch of OCD. (I’m not quite sure how one only acquires a touch & not full blown-I mean, it is OCD you know-but that’s what she said.) So I blame my nit-pickiness on that, my Mom (just because she’s passed doesn’t mean her faults disappeared, I’m slowly discovering) & the anxiety disorder I believe I’ve picked up from the last year (waking up repeatedly night after night, heart racing, filled with worry & dread? And that’s just for starters? Oh yea, that qualifies as something).

Sometimes it’s a good thing, and sometimes…when I have extra time…it can be annoying. Like today, for example. C is notorious for stealing my lighter (or anyone’s, really, that is laying around) so I try to keep some matches handy because unfortunately our finger tips don’t produce fire. Therefore I count on them to work when I go to use them. I prefer the strong, big, box matches (or the mini version) over those suck-ass flimsy paper matches. C came Home with 2 heaping handfuls of the sucky ones the other day, because CVS decided to quit selling cigarettes like douches. So now not only do I have suck-ass matches but I have a lot of ’em. Ugh.

A funny thing about me is that when I go to use something, I expect it to work. Whether it’s a washing machine, or fish tank, or game controller…or a match. We smoke outside (see-we do love our kids!) & it’s been cold recently, so I don’t particularly enjoy standing around shivering while trying to light a cigarette. (I know, I know: you’re all “Well then quit smoking dumb ass” & I’m all “But I can’t”) What makes this situation even worse is when the match won’t strike. What. The. Hell. Twisting it, turning it, trying different spots on the little runway: nothing. Meanwhile, all lighters in the land have been lighter-napped to C’s pocket & he’s not nearby. So you don’t keel over from boredom I’ll get on with it; suffice it to say I finally managed to get a little  flame but had to hold it on the matchhead so I also got a little burn & then had to fight off the wind so it didn’t blow my little flame out. What a pain in my ass!

I'm glad they appreciate me & all...

Probably can't tell from the photo, but barely any scratchy striker strip!
Match heads appear fine.

Needless to say it got me thinking about products and how much products have gone down in quality & up in expense; it got me thinking about how people could help this situation if they’d take the time to tell the companies. I’m not saying jump on the ‘puter & start sending stalker-ish hate emails to Old Navy or Del Monte…but if enough people have the same issues, the companies would notice & (hopefully) do something to improve. People have no idea how much power they really have, if we banded together.

But I digress. Back to matches. I’m figuring that the company figured out the least amount of striking strip that they could get away with using, and have the matches still work. More cost effective, right? But the thing is…it doesn’t work (I’ve tested this multiple times, I didn’t just have 1 failure, I had a failure every time) so, in my way of thinking, it makes the company look bad to me & I damn sure won’t buy/get their brand in the future.

But what if they don’t know?? So, I take the time to email the companies. Because I want better products. And I’m neurotic like that.

PS…still waiting to hear back from the Wright brand bacon masters. You know, the ones who charge $8 per pack but it was justifiable because it’s so effing delicious but the last few packs I’ve gotten have been FAT & I’m not paying out the wazoo for fat. (Shew…breath.) So, we’ll see what happens with that.

PPS…I tried several times to upload this with pictures but for some reason it kept giving me errors; therefore I am planning on deleting all pictures & attempting to upload yet again. It was just matches & bacon, who hasn’t seen matches & bacon before? (Except I was surprised & impressed at my camera’s rare ability to get some good close ups of the matches! Dammit.) **3/11/14: I’m a persistent brat…finally got them to upload!**

PPPS…I don’t know why but I thought some may want to read my helpful email to the matchbook company, so here it is verbatim (minus my full name & address):

Subject: Constructive criticism from a consumer

I’m writing to let you know about a situation I encountered when using your product recently. I’m a firm believer that if people aren’t aware of a problem then they can’t fix it, so I like to give companies a chance to make it right & be aware that there are issues.

My husband recently brought home 2 handfuls of your matches; CVS was apparently off-loading them onto people since they’re going “tobacco free”. When I went to use one it wouldn’t strike/light. It was a brand new book, so the strip wasn’t all used up & full of bare spots. Try after try finally produced a flame & I figured “Meh, shit happens.” But then I tried again a little later (I’m a smoker, not burning down my neighborhood. Just wanted to clarify.) and had the same problem, different results. This time I got burnt because I had to hold the match by the head in order to get it to light. I’ll make it & everything, but it sucks AND if I was an idiot I could probably try to sue you (you know, how people try to sue McDonald’s for *hot* coffee?)!

So not only does this issue affect your product’s quality reputation, but it also opens you up to liability for losers looking for a quick buck. Now, I think we can all agree that the little books of matches are no match (pun intended!) for their big, boxed counterpart. However they should still work 88% of the time. My sense, not being in the match business, is that the striking strip needs more striking power. I don’t know what it’s made out of-glitter, sand, red clay dirt-but the matches seem to have enough “stuff” on their head to produce a sufficient flame, whereas the striking strip looks like someone just took a brown marker & swiped it across there. Hardly any texture, thick is the complete opposite of it…I don’t know if putting as little as possible on there is a cost effective move but as far as being a consumer of them goes…it sucks. And burns.

In closing, please know that I’m not bashing your product…I’m offering constructive criticism. Also, I probably veered off track too many times to warrant being taken seriously so please know that I’m a real person & this is a real issue, not some silly joke. Thank you for your attention!


PS…please overlook any misspelled words & general incorrectness-it is not a sign of my incompetence but of my auto-correct’s over-zealousness.

**the end**

I got an email response! She was very polite & eager to help. I get the feeling that she disregarded the humor in my email but at the same time didn’t take offense (hopefully). As a company should be, she was concerned enough about the problem to suggest sending me a paid envelope in order for me to send them the offending matchbook, along with any others I may have. That way they can look at them & determine what the issue is but she did say that I could be right & it seemed like the strike strip is the culprit. I felt they deserved an update because they’re making an effort to do the right thing, so they should get recognition for it…no matter how small the blog.

In related news, remember when I told the story about the Wright brand bacon? Well apparently they’re owned by Tyson, whom I received a letter from today. The pictures speak for themselves & serve as proof that if you have a legitimate issue, it just might be worth your time to tell ’em about it. Now that the coupon craze has died down & idiotspeople aren’t trying to just get free stuff all the time, maybe companies will be more willing to give out goodies to make up to consumers.

I was like "What the whaa?" (Because I wasn't aware Tyson owned Wright)

Their polite & professional response.
Woot woot! $8!! Free bacon, bitches!

Flappy Bird for free (Yes I’m serious!) & the lack of human morals on Craigslist.

So apparently I missed all of the hubub surrounding the newest time waster (as I usually do), Flappy Bird. I caught a sound-bite on the news that (for whatever reason…to feel special, I guess?) the Creator had decided to cause everyone problems discontinue the availability of this game that everyone has fallen head over heels for. I thought about downloading it just to try it then decided “Nah, I’ll never play it anyway”.

Then I got on Craigslist & almost threw up in my own mouth over the ridiculous, slimy, pure greed I saw there.

People are attempting to sell their phones for thousands of dollars.

Yes, I’m serious. I saw an iPhone 4 for $8,000! All because these “precious” phones have the Flappy Bird game. I was truly appalled at the lack of human decency you must have to have in order to openly try to do people so dirty. I mean…come on people…eight thousand dollars??! It seems not to matter what make & model the phone is either….if you’re fortunate enough to have that game then you have apparently unearthed a gold nugget.

Well, have I got news for them. Thanks to a couple of decent people (who also posted ads in an attempt to counteract what is basically backyard terrorism), I have found & verified a way for Flappy Bird to live on without you paying an arm & a leg for it. Hopefully many will find my passed along information useful; it is not being given out so people can download it then turn around like a jerk-off & try to sell their own phone for some ignorant, inflated price! It is being shared to take the wind out of these idiots sails…to help nip this disturbing trend in the bud. So please, share this post to help word get out.

I followed the directions of a helpful anonymous Craigslist-er & went HERE to download Flappy Bird. Simply click the green download button, an apk is installed (don’t worry…I don’t know what the hell that is either) & then it leads you step by step through the installation. I did this on my phone & my daughter’s; it worked perfectly each time; I can’t say how an iPhone would handle this process as we are not part of the Apple movement…but Android is easy-peasy.

Actual screenshot from my phone.

In your face, (money grubbin’) Suckas.

Everyone else….enjoy your game. You can thank me later. 😉

The Biggest Loser “controversy” that shouldn’t be!

I feel compelled to weigh in on this new “Biggest Loser controversy”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can learn more here. I won’t go into all the specifics myself; click the link & then return here to finish my gripe-fest.

For those that do know what’s going on I pose this question…WHAT’S GOING ON?? Basically, the point of this show is to lose weight. So this woman does, ends up winning the show, looks fan-fucking-tastic might I add…and people are bitching. It’s as if there are some people in this world who find it impossible to be happy (or happy for others) & just have to find something to make a fuss about.

From what I gather, this woman’s (Rachel I believe her name is) weight & height are not putting her in the dangerously underweight category, so what’s the problem?! Furthermore it’s not like this dramatic change happened overnight…it was ongoing, with not only the weight loss coaches being in on every step & pound loss but I’m sure the producers/etc. as well; yet now the word on the street is everyone was just oh-so-surprised at her big reveal. Give the woman a break, you bunch of sad sack Negative Nellies. As someone who has lost a bunch of weight myself, I’ll freely admit that when you do, you revel in compliments. Let’s be honest…when you’re Fat no one compliments you & if they do, there’s a 98% chance they’re full of shit. So let the poor woman enjoy her moment in the sun while she can! I’m telling you now, all this bitching won’t do any good anyway because she’s finally thin…she’s not going to stop maintain that & doing what she’s doing to remain thin, just because some (jealous) critics are running their mouth.

So shut up already & try to do something to enjoy life as opposed to creating friction!

Congratulations, Rachel! I’m confident you’ll use whatever weight loss tools they instilled in you to maintain your new self. You look fantabulous & deserve to enjoy the pay off of all of your hard work. Ignore those a-holes & have fun!

Meanwhile…if you need a good laugh to clear out those cobwebs of discontent, please go here! This is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen. I really mean that too!

My effing Husband.

Instant Disclaimer: I love my husband. I married him, after all. But as we all know even those we love get on our last nerve sometimes & we have to vent in order to maintenance our sanity. That’s all this is, a post venting about being highly annoyed; not plotting murder (that’s a different post entirely).

So, there’s a football game on today….Broncos vs. Patriots. My husband (henceforth known as “C” because I get tired of seeing husband everywhere because in my mind I hear “husthband” for some reason) decided quite some time ago that “his” team was the Broncos & of course his MVP is the man of the hour, Peyton Manning (I actually seriously honest-to-God believe he would instantly go gay if Peyton showed up & said “Hey good look-in!”. I do.). A quick background on our relationship: we’ve known each other since I was 16, he 15….we met while working at Hardee’s & pretty much dated on/off since, until we married in 2010….that totals 15 years now. He’s always been a “guys” guy & liked football, etc but he’s never been an avid game watcher or obsessive about it. Until the past year or two. I understand people change throughout their lives so I guess his fairly recent deep interest is due to that. It’s fine, a lot of guys are really in to football; I don’t mind giving up the tv because it gives me an excuse to read. None of that bothers me.

What does bother me is that watching football turns C into a f-r-e-a-k! I’ve seen the commercials/shows/etc where people at home get into the game & cheer, or boo, or clap, or complain, or what the hell ever. C, however, takes it to a whoooole new level. He screams. I mean screams. As though he were about to fight a mortal enemy over control of the universe. You can hear him-no exaggeration-in the damn driveway. He screams when it’s good & screams when it’s bad. It penetrates through closed bedroom doors, so that if other people are trying to do something else, they are still subjected to the screaming.
The clapping. I’m not talking regular appreciative clapping, like one night hear at a high school band concert. I’m talking two cymbals crashing kind of clapping! C has big hands, therefore he can create a big sound with them. It is very startling & makes me jump (I guess I’m an anxious person, though one would think I’d be the exact opposite by now because I should be used to it) every time, which annoys the piss out of me & just increases my overall anxiety.
The….seizures? I’m not sure what else to call them. “Fits” maybe. There are both good & bad fits however more bad usually. Fits are when he throws himself back (or forward), stomps/kicks his feet (yes like a 1 year old & yes I am serious), throws his arms out & about/waves them around…things like that. Occasionally he’ll spin around or something of that nature.

It’s loud. It’s startling. It’s annoying (for so many reasons). I don’t begrudge him enjoying the football game but damn, he acts like he’s there & required to be heard over thousands of people. Do other husbands react like this to football? Maybe I’m missing some super secret football code since I don’t watch it?

Who knows. Meanwhile, pass me those ear plugs & Xanax.

Effin’ eBay.

EBay, eBay, eBay…sigh…

I used to enjoy it so much. I got into it at the beginning of it just starting to become popular & well known. I’ve seen all kinds of changes-some good & some not so good-over the years & I have lots of complaints (hey, we all know I’m a Negative Nelly) but I believe my two chief gripes would be
      *asshole sellers who either peddle their wares for quadruple what it’s worth or charge buyers exorbitant (yes, exorbitant) shipping & handling charges
      *rudeness. From sellers, from buyers, from potential buyers…I can NOT STAND rudeness, especially unwarranted rudeness.

      Allow me to explain….

I get bored so I often pop open my eBay app & search for random things. Lately I’ve rekindled my obsession with Marilyn Monroe (by reading a biography) so I figured I’d check out the Marilyn market on good ‘ole eBay. Long story short, I was appalled that there are people out there selling cheap crap with her name/image splashed across it, and let me tell you they’re not selling it cheap.

Like this. What the hell?!

Now I’m not an art expert, so I will gladly eat crow if the person responsible for this is in fact a famous Andy-Warhol-level artist….but I’ve never heard of her. This auction is so ridiculous I almost feel like it’s a joke. And, just so you can experience the full scope of this person’s ridiculousness, here is the link to her entertaining description.

Greed at it's finest.

I just have to laugh. My fingers itch to type out a smart assed email to these idiots. First off, let me share with you the fact that (surprise, surprise) this auction has NO bids. 0. Zero. Next, let me confirm for you that I own one of these (I’m on it now) & I paid $150 brand new, at Wal-Mart. This is just some greedy, useless scam artist…they actually hoped to find some poor sucker that would eagerly pay almost $300! But, you do get free shipping so it is kind of a good deal. *eye roll*

I realize I’m getting really long winded with this post so I’ll try to shorten it up. I don’t get the whole rudeness thing, on eBay or in real life, either one. Plenty of people have called me a bitch over the years, plenty of people have said I look grouchy/am grouchy however until you give me a reason not to be nice, I’m a nice person. Especially if you’re a stranger. I guess maybe I’m old fashioned but almost all of my emails begin with “Hello” (you know, like correspondence always used to?), end with “Thank you”, etc. I’m certainly not claiming to be perfect (although I pretty much am) but I was raised with manners & I use them, as well as pass them down to my kids. I received an email from a buyer complaining about not having received their item yet & they also opened a case against me (an eBay case, where you get a negative mark on your rating if eBay decides against you), all in the same 10 minutes. Maybe I was just in a foul mood but I felt like they could’ve been a little more decent & congenial about it…at least until they found out why it was late, ya know? Another long story short, it pissed me off so I immediately refunded their money along with an email stating my reasons (no way to the post office, no box to ship it in/waiting on USPS to bring more boxes, no internet access temporarily…if you must know), and the advice that maybe in the future they could try being a little nicer to people, at least until they heard back from them, as opposed to jumping to conclusions (like I took their $27 & had a spending spree with no intention to send them the item…for their information-and I told them this as well-that whopping $27 was on hold & inaccessible to me until 1/31/14 because I’m a new seller. So there, rude asshole.); I also shared one of my all time favorite southern sayings with them: You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

PS: I can’t help feeling that I got wayyy off topic….didn’t justify my points very well….and am probably in the wrong on that whole eBay-Paypal-late item thing….but, oh well.

What the shit happened to In Session????

I am beyond puzzled and more than a little pissed that In Session has been reduced from an all day buffet of true crime glory to TWO MOTHERFUCKING HOURS!!! What. The. Fuck.

Not the later mentioned newbie.

I am an avid In Session watcher (until 3pm when they start showing that dumb bullshit about people being so idiotic they are chased by the police & blow themselves up) and even when I can’t straight up watch it all day I’ll flip over there during commercials on the kids channels. I was tuning into the Jodi Arias trial until one day I went to TruTV and they’re playing some jenky, fake as all hell court show reminiscent of Judge Judy. No warning (that I ever caught anyway), no explanation, just BOOM…”we’re changing your whole TV routine so fuck you.” For a true crime aficionado such as myself this is a bunch of bullshit. I realize this all first took place on March 4th & I’ve been meaning to bitch about it for awhile now.

The cast of In Session are like distant friends that won’t answer my calls…Vinnie with his pink shirts & super white toothpaste commercial grin; Beth with her transvestite voice (but man is she a stickler for details!); Jean with her obvious niceness even when thrust into a heated court room; and the newbie black guy (unable to steal find a pic) that gets on my nerves with his whiny voice but hey, he’s part of the package. How am I supposed to keep in touch with them if I’m reduced to 2 hours a day?! It’s like a friggin’ prison!! How am I going to get all the nitty-gritty details of these cases without spending hours on Google digging them up myself? What was the reason for this??!? And is the alternative any better?? Are you happy now, enjoyment ruiners and show lineup decision makers?? Now we’re stuck watching this dumbass fake court room bullshit and I guarantee your daytime ratings will go down, if only from my secret armchair detective army refusing to watch. So there.

What are y’all’s thoughts?? Any In Session fans out there? Maybe I’m just an outdated hag. Hhmmm.

Update: I’m kind of pissed that I spent some time finding & stealing downloading pictures of Vinnie, Beth & Jean then put them in the post but now for some reason it’s giving me an error & refusing to put them in. I’m not blog savvy enough to figure it out. Plus I’m not on a computer. It’s probably a conspiracy because I’m being so vocal about my hatred of the new lineup.

Update #2~ So I’m obviously very bothered by this change. I mean, In Session was the last remnants of Court TV, which is where this truTV mess originated from to begin with. Does the phrase “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” not mean anything to these assholes?? Apparently not. I looked up contact info for Turner Broadcasting (owned by Time Warner), who made the decision to cut 3/4 of In Session. They don’t have an email (of course…that’d be too easy & why would they want to be accessible to the public they claim to care so much about anyway?) but I did jot down their address & phone number, in case anyone else is as irate as I am and wanted to let them know.
Turner Broadcasting, One CNN Center, Atlanta Georgia 30303; (404) 827-1700

I also visited truTV’s website & they do have an email contact option however you have to choose from a list of shows, which In Session was not included (fishy). So I selected “other shows” & am providing the link in case anyone besides myself would like to let them know how pissed off they are.

Tell those bastards how you feel, Armchair Detective Army!

Pinterest rant #2

Okay, so in preparation for Easter I thought some decorations and/or projects for the kids to do would be nice.  This year we haven’t had our decorating hats on so all of the stuff we usually put out is still lost in the closet.  While browsing different amazing looking craft ideas on Pinterest, I came across one where you wrap yarn around a balloon with candy inside.  Hubs liked it too & we figured what the hell, doesn’t look too difficult.  WRONG.

We went to Hellmart & got the supplies: balloons, 99¢/bag; yarn, $2.??; glue, 34¢/each, candy, $16/bag (not really but it might as well be, huh?).  We went home & organized all the supplies on the kitchen table then called the brood in.  Utilizing the barren, no words instructions on the Pin (people are so thoughtful aren’t they??) we set about putting candies into balloons, blowing them up a little (supposed to be egg shaped), tying them off, cutting off a length of yarn we figured would fit, running it through the glue, and stringing it around the balloon in different directions.  I think I forgot to mention the point of this craft is to pop the balloon when the yarn is dried & the candy is magically inside.  Anyway…this proved much harder for all of us than we’d figured.  Our 5 year old said screw this when he found out he had to touch glue.  Then there were 4.  Our 10 & 9 year olds tried their best but couldn’t get the yarn to stay put so we ended up having to help both of them.  Which really put a delay in our production line of cranking these babies out to pimp our house out for Easter.

For those of you that are still awake, it ended up that the girls finished theirs & after the kids went to bed husband & I sat up till midnight working on these monstrous lovely balloon eggs.  The next day when we went to pop the balloons things didn’t go as imagined either.  The balloon stuck (especially on the smaller ones) so that basically as you’re trying to get the balloon unstuck you’re pulling too much on the yarn & it’s losing it’s shape. So you end up with this:


Hhmmm.  Totally defeats the purpose of the entire craft.  There’s gonna be candy falling out of that bitch everywhere if I can ever get the balloon out.  The larger ones actually worked better because you had more room to work the balloon:


However some of our big ones aren’t exactly up to par on the bottoms; we kind of left some big holes because we’re lazy fucks & were tired of doing children’s crafts at midnight.  Soooo…as long as we stand it up you can’t tell a thing.  I’m sure people would still look at it & exclaim “My my, how beautiful and unique!  However did you get that candy in there?”


So I’m on the fence whether this was a hit or miss.  It worked, granted; but not like we’d hoped.  I don’t think it qualifies as a #PinterestScam though.

Pinterest Rant #1 (oh yes there’s many more to come. I’m exposing Pinterest.)

Anymore when I get on Pinterest I look at all the different pins & I wonder “Will that really work?”.  I don’t know if that’s just me being a pessimist or if others wonder the same thing.  And I say “anymore when I get on” like I’m some veteran of Pinterest when in reality I don’t think I’ve even been joined (a member? Signed up? Whatever.) a full month yet.  When I did join I was overwhelmed at all of the awesome, mind boggling shit on there!!  A face mask to clear acne using only baking soda & orange juice?  Heck yes!  A pin with 365 different crock-pot recipes?  Jackpot.  Make your own paint with flour?  Hooray!  That’s not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg, I just can’t think of any more right now.

So anyway I didn’t want to be a “lazy Pinner” where I just sat here & virtually hoarded all kinds of awesome ideas & recipes; I vowed to start trying them.  I mean…what’s the point in pinning them for later if you never do them?  First up was a cool science experiment type of pin that we had all the stuff for & I figured my kids would like.  It was how to make a glow stick bottle using mountain dew, baking soda, & peroxide.  Check, check, check.  We even watched the video these 2 guys posted where they demonstrated how to do it.  So we tried it and (insert drumroll here)…..nothing.  Tried again; hey, maybe we messed up.  I know it’s hard to imagine but stranger things have happened.  Nothing again.  Made sure we had all fresh ingredients & tried again.  Nothing.  So I was starting to get pissed & we re-watched the video.  In the comments I began noticing several people saying they thought the guys had added something because of some fishy hand movements; every single person said it didn’t work.  Plus I noticed at the end he has wayyy more mountain dew than when he started.  Like…way way more.  I ended up leaving a comment on the video & instead of cussing like others had chosen to do I called them jerks & tried to make them feel like the assholes they are for disappointing little kids, which I know for a fact they did in my house & I’m sure a lot of other people’s too.  Then I went back to Pinterest & added “Pinterest Scam” to the pin so people would know.  If more people would actually try this shit & then scam tag it if it doesn’t work, maybe we can stop Pinterest’s decline into a spam wasteland.  Because it’s on the horizon people.  It is coming.

Love thy neighbor?

I have yet to put together any blog posts with actual details about our great chicken adventure, which I’ll definitely do because there is MUCH to tell(!), however I’ve found myself unable to quit thinking of the situation with our neighbors. First, a short background.

We’re not hermits or agoraphobics; we just tend to keep to ourselves. It’s a trait I developed in high school when I got tired of ridiculous bitches stabbing me in the back. We’ve also realized that it keeps the drama level set at low usually, which we need considering my husband’s family’s favorite past time is stirring the pot. We don’t have a lot of friends but the friends we do have we greatly value & know we can trust them. They’re good, lasting, solid friendships.

That being said, we’ve been friendly with the neighbors. I’ve always wanted to live somewhere that we could borrow sugar if needed (which we’ve done..and trash bags..), the kids got along well, & we had enough in common with the people to have a conversation. Luckily all of the above applies to this situation! A few weeks ago the woman even asked me if I’d be able to babysit for her for a couple hours on random days. Even though I knew it would be awkward at times I agreed; I figured a little extra money is nice & it’ll help her out. By the way, when I say a “little” extra money that’s totally what I mean..I’m giving her an amazinggg rate. I was right, there have been a couple awkward moments–hours figured differently (until I pulled my homemade time sheet out. Yep, I’m that cautious), money not being paid for awhile, money being “forgotten” about being owed..etc etc. All of these things are to be expected; they’re normal; no big deal really.

However..I’m noticing a “know it all” side coming out of both of them, literally about everything. Every time we say something about anything they “give” us the low down on it. The other major issue I’m having is the copy cat syndrome. We mentioned we were going to start a coop; they said they’d been thinking of starting one too! We bought 4 baby chicks (after doing lots of research & picking 2 breeds we really liked) & 3 grown Silkies. They ran to the tractor store the next day (no I’m not kidding) & bought 6 Rhode Island Reds, which is a standard run-of-the-mill breed. We found a fantastic deal on a chicken coop by looking on Craigslist; they whined about how they didn’t know what they were going to do, etc. (How about not try to one up your neighbors if you’re unable to buy a coop??)
We told them about our breeds when they asked, for instance we told them about how 2 of our chicks are Ameracaunas & will lay green & blue eggs. (Really?!? We should’ve got some of those!!…yah…too bad you ran out & bought the first thing you saw. *sad face*) The next day another neighbor came by to check out our coop. Thank God the neighbors were there because they were able to tell him allllll about OUR chickens. What a relief. Other copycat issues include (but are not limited to): using my idea for building a coop under the porch…exactly like I’d said. Suddenly naming her rooster the same name as mine (Mr. Roo, which I don’t believe is common. And apparently it’s the funniest shit ever because when she told me she just laughed and laughed and laughed. Seriously.). Telling us that hay caused lice & fleas but we went ahead & did it anyway because we think we’re a little smarter than them…come to find out they used hay too! Everywhere. But I guess their hay is lice-free. -_-
Tonight she told me the proper way to cook cube steak, which I’ve made several upon several times in my life. They’ve also been able to give us handy gardening tips that we already knew, match each experience of ours with one of theirs, and basically make sure we’re able to keep ourselves breathing.

I could go on and on and on, there is a plethora of examples. And yes, I’ve heard the saying “imitation is the highest form of flattery”. Well, no it’s really not for someone like myself who can’t frigging stand a copycat! And let me just say–the rooster name thing really pisses me off; I’m very attached to my Roo & there will only ever be 1 Mr. Roo! Period. I mean, it completely boggles my mind how people aren’t even embarrassed that they’re telling you to your face they’re blatantly copying you. Yoi better believe if I see an idea I want to copy I straight out ask if I can; as a matter of fact I just did a few days ago..a Scentsy sister had an adorable idea for getting her name out there so I asked if I could copycat. (She said yes! *big smile*)

Uugghh. I was just hoping that if I bitched about it a little then my mind would let go of it.

Hmm, maybe I should ask the neighbor what to do? She’d know. 😉