Randomness for the sake of being random.

I haven’t been able to necessarily group my thoughts together under one subject so I figured to hell with it, I’d just post a bullet list of my recent tidbits.

~I’m pretty irritated that I’ve really developed an interest in the Google Newspapers app, and I’ve been reading lots of great articles…however…when I attempt to share them via WordPress, it fails every single time. And I don’t want to sit here & copy/paste, or write my own post for each thing–plus it’s not like I’d ever remember them all anyway, or the details! Leave it to an app to not work.

~I am SO over seeing these greedy bastards trying to sell their commonplace cell phones for triple the value simply because it has that damned Flappy Bird game! I’ve already devoted an entire post to this rant so I won’t open that kettle again…suffice it to say those people need to be punched in the face. A lot.

~I’ve re-developed an interest in “King of the Hill” & developed new ones in “Family Guy” & “American Dad”. I realize I’m a bit late to the ballgame but that’s just par for the course with me. I liked “King” when it first aired but after watching Adult Swim almost exclusively I’ve re-realized the humor & mostly heartwarming “life lessons” in each episode. If you’ve never given it a try, it’s never too late…give it about 3 or 4 episodes & you’ll see what I mean.


~So….no disrespect to any avid Olympics 2014 watchers out there…but…


I mean…coooome onnnn! First of all the disorganization irritates the living shit balls outta me. Why is figure skating/ice skating (you’ll have to pardon me if I use incorrect Olympic jargon) broken up into 7 different days/nights/times?? Why not do each category together, in a set, for however long it would take & then do a different category/set? Why all the unnecessary confusion? Second…I have respect & admiration for these athletes & their persistence, perseverance, self-discipline, motivation & endless hard work (just to name a few…); and I will freely admit they are doing inspiring things that I will never do…so I mean this in the best possible, most respectful way: why so long & why so much coverage & chatter?! Tone it down, Talking Heads. I know every news show wants to be the “main” source of America’s news but damn man! Too many chiefs, not enough Indians. Each channel should be assigned certain categories. The Olympics really needs some organization in it’s life…

~I can not pluck my eyebrows worth a crap. What is the secret that has somehow surpassed me on the road to womanhood?

~Below: I agree with this 100%…the only thing that bugs me is whoever made this also made a grammatical error near the bottom–I know I make mistakes–however if I were making a meme (or something like that) I would triple check it. Just sayin’.


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