My 2¢: Once Upon a Secret, Mimi Alford

The book in the spotlight.

I came upon this book while my mini-obsession with Marilyn Monroe (the most recent one) was going on…this woman’s name was mentioned in something I read & it said she’d written a tell-all book about her & JFK. I was able to borrow it & I have to say it is not all it’s made out to be.
It seems like the main character, Mimi Alford, doesn’t quite have enough to adequately fill an entire book, so she drags out repetitions of being forced to keep her secret, along with enthralling all of use readers with the many reason why her first marriage failed (concluding of course that overall it was due to “her secret”), and basically using boring, mundane everyday life as filler for the rest of the book. I skipped every single page of the last 8 chapters. I always (always!) try to finish a book…I can’t stand leaving it open ended. But I could not make myself trudge through this one.

JFK & Mimi, during the time of their alleged affair.

The stories of the President are interesting, as is her journey to the White House in the first place. I could throw some spoilers out here for you but that would make it too easy! Suffice it to say while the stories were interesting, they’re a bit incredulous & I’m not quite sure I believe them…I wasn’t there, and out of the 2 people who would know (Mimi & JFK) one is deceased & unable to dispute people’s stories….I’m just sayin’. Also, there are lots of instances where authors are encouraged to spice things up in order to sell copy…I’m just sayin’. On the other hand, what reason would this woman have to lie & make all this up, especially now?

Mimi spending time at...the White House??
Mimi Alford during her alleged affair with JFK.

Anyway, I don’t highly recommend it. You could probably find the most interesting parts on the internet & save yourself the trouble of trying to track it down & the time having to sludge through it.

Mimi Alford these days.

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