Family football….it’s a contagious obsession….

My husband (otherwise known as C in this blog) has become quite the football fan over the past year or two. He’s always had an interest in it, but now that he’s desperately in love with Peyton Manning a huge Broncos fan he’s really into it. This fact inspired a rant post (currently a draft) by me yesterday but it has also inspired 2 other things:

#1-quality time with our children & nephew, which they (our kids) kind of needed after being “Daddy deprived” this past week while he was at work (something they are re-adjusting to)

#2-I have an excuse to post a couple cute pictures & attempt to post a video for the first time! I realize I’m about 4 years behind on the magic of posting videos online, and that normal people are like “What a douche….I’ve been posting vids online since I was in diapers”….but I don’t care, haha. I’m old & willingly use that excuse for my lameness.

So, here goes….marking a notable event in history (ours, anyway)….some cute football videos & photos. You’re welcome. 😉

<img android-uri="content://media/external/images/media/1936″ />

L to R: H, C, A, N(ephew), D



A apparently went out of bounds but it's a-okay because they're "training", haha.

Update: I attempted to publish my cute little family football post & received a message saying “To upload videos get Videodpress” (whatever that is); I clicked it but it did nothing. I searched for it in the Play store & found nothing. So….I guess I won’t be posting a video for the first time, haha. Oh well. 😦

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