Disturbing “article” about Teen Mom’s & Scentsy.

A disturbing “article” by some person was brought to my attention via Twitter a little bit ago. I read it. I was not impressed. Neither was someone else. I told them, they read for themselves & asked to do a guest blog. I said sure. The following is the link to the “article” as well as the comment the person was going to leave but apparently couldn’t because the website featuring the article is a peice of cyber-crap. 🙂


Guest Blog/Comment re: “article”

First of all, you may want to check your spelling before publishing an “article”. It’s Chelsea HouskA, not “Housk”. Second, Chelsea, Kailyn, Ryan/his girlfriend, & Jenelle (as of yesterday) all sell it, not just host parties. Leah & her friend have hosted parties. One (that I’ve confirmed) 16&Pregnant cast member from the new season also sells. Third, while anyone is certainly entitled to try any business venture they want, the fact is that the Teen Moms & affiliate persons have realized that Scentsy is a major cash cow for all of them. Why? Because their adoring fans are so desperate for retweets, tweet-backs, emails–any form of communication from them that they can possibly get. The hoards of fans also want to be able to brag “so & so from Teen Mom sells Scentsy to me!”, with the intonation that they’re suddenly bestest friends for life. The truth is Scentsy consultants take & place orders, tell people about the products, continuously work to build their customer base, come up with new ideas for their business to improve it & sales, and generally work their butts off. The problem I have with the Teen Moms selling Scentsy is that they do basically none of this, except maybe Kailyn makes samples. Overall they rely on twitter & the general public to seek them out & buy buy buy from them. 98% of the time these customers do not get answers to questions, do not get thank yous or handwritten thank you cards, do not get the level of customer service & attention that they would from a consultant who actually truly needs the business to make ends meet or buy extras for their kids or save up for vacation. I’m completely confused how so many people are willing to let themselves basically be used in order to have a sliver of contact with a C-list “celebrity”. It’s disheartening to the consultants who constantly work their Scentsy business only to have person after person decide to buy from a Teen Mom. You would think people would have a heart & realize that a regular person could use the sales so much more than a Teen Mom. To them it’s a hobby while to most it’s a job. Jenelle tells people she’ll retweet them & give them a shout out if they buy from her…she knows virtually nothing about the products & keeps giving out misinformation. Yet somehow people don’t mind this. Why should they?? All of twitter will see that Jenelle from Teen Mom gave them a shout out!! Kailyn signed up under one consultant then decided to sign up under someone different…except she did it under her boyfriend’s name & her new sponsor openly told their teammates not to tell anyone. Doesn’t that give the company a good name?? Yes, let’s write an “article” praising the Teen Mom’s decision to corrupt, oops I mean, start their own home based businesses.

Comments? Thoughts? Love to hear ’em.

1 thought on “Disturbing “article” about Teen Mom’s & Scentsy.

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Im so tired of the media making it seem like these girls are struggling when in fact none of them really are. Kail is the only one that has a real job. Leah doesn’t have a job and more than likely she’s probably getting disability for Ali. Chelsea has her daddy to rely on.

    The thing that annoys me the most is if you even bring up the girls are not struggling their fans ( or as i like to call them their pit bulls) attack you and say you are just jealous of them. Yea im so jealous. I wish i had gotten pregnant at 16, and got famous for it so people can hate me. Im so ready for teen mom to be over with. I love the show just hate how these girls have turned into such snobs.

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