Curious about all the new scents??

If you’re curious about all the new scents that have come to Scentsy for the 2012 spring & summer…you’ve come to the right place. Here they are, with a brief description. You’re welcome. 😉

Lonicera: honeysuckle, amber & patchouli. Think “spring garden”.

Simply Strawberry: strawberries. Think “exactly like the real thing. It Strawberry Shortcake dolls.”

Tingelo: tangelo, lemon, apricot, lychee berry. Think “sweet fruit & tangy citrus”.

Two Harbors: lemon, lime, vanilla, amber. Think “sounds like a weird combo but delightfully refreshing & summer-y”

Yuzu Dragon: guava, nectarine, dragonfruit, yuzu. Think “epitome of a fruit smell”

Lemon Coconut Chiffon: lemon custard, butter cake, toasted coconut. Think “nomalicious!”

Zeppelin: citrus, sage, sandalwood, vetiver. Think “manly, cologne, niiice”

RU N2 Me: pink pepper, deep woods, cassis. Think “a scent for everyone”

Awakening: white peach, vanilla, pineapple, amber. Think “invigorated senses”

Enliven: orchid, currant, sweet soft fruits, drop of coconut milk. Think “renewing & pleasant”


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