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Disturbing “article” about Teen Mom’s & Scentsy.

A disturbing “article” by some person was brought to my attention via Twitter a little bit ago. I read it. I was not impressed. Neither was someone else. I told them, they read for themselves & asked to do a guest blog. I said sure. The following is the link to the “article” as well as the comment the person was going to leave but apparently couldn’t because the website featuring the article is a peice of cyber-crap. 🙂


Guest Blog/Comment re: “article”

First of all, you may want to check your spelling before publishing an “article”. It’s Chelsea HouskA, not “Housk”. Second, Chelsea, Kailyn, Ryan/his girlfriend, & Jenelle (as of yesterday) all sell it, not just host parties. Leah & her friend have hosted parties. One (that I’ve confirmed) 16&Pregnant cast member from the new season also sells. Third, while anyone is certainly entitled to try any business venture they want, the fact is that the Teen Moms & affiliate persons have realized that Scentsy is a major cash cow for all of them. Why? Because their adoring fans are so desperate for retweets, tweet-backs, emails–any form of communication from them that they can possibly get. The hoards of fans also want to be able to brag “so & so from Teen Mom sells Scentsy to me!”, with the intonation that they’re suddenly bestest friends for life. The truth is Scentsy consultants take & place orders, tell people about the products, continuously work to build their customer base, come up with new ideas for their business to improve it & sales, and generally work their butts off. The problem I have with the Teen Moms selling Scentsy is that they do basically none of this, except maybe Kailyn makes samples. Overall they rely on twitter & the general public to seek them out & buy buy buy from them. 98% of the time these customers do not get answers to questions, do not get thank yous or handwritten thank you cards, do not get the level of customer service & attention that they would from a consultant who actually truly needs the business to make ends meet or buy extras for their kids or save up for vacation. I’m completely confused how so many people are willing to let themselves basically be used in order to have a sliver of contact with a C-list “celebrity”. It’s disheartening to the consultants who constantly work their Scentsy business only to have person after person decide to buy from a Teen Mom. You would think people would have a heart & realize that a regular person could use the sales so much more than a Teen Mom. To them it’s a hobby while to most it’s a job. Jenelle tells people she’ll retweet them & give them a shout out if they buy from her…she knows virtually nothing about the products & keeps giving out misinformation. Yet somehow people don’t mind this. Why should they?? All of twitter will see that Jenelle from Teen Mom gave them a shout out!! Kailyn signed up under one consultant then decided to sign up under someone different…except she did it under her boyfriend’s name & her new sponsor openly told their teammates not to tell anyone. Doesn’t that give the company a good name?? Yes, let’s write an “article” praising the Teen Mom’s decision to corrupt, oops I mean, start their own home based businesses.

Comments? Thoughts? Love to hear ’em.

Get the 411 on Scentsy’s Room Sprays

Here’s what you need to know about the room sprays that Scentsy makes …

•They are 2.7 fl oz/80 ml. Now in aluminum bottles so no leakage!
•Currently on sale: Buy 5 Get 1 FREE!!


•They are awesome anywhere! Small enough to fit in a purse, bag, briefcase, jacket pocket; ideal for hotel rooms, cars, lockers, homes, offices, daycares, doctor’s offices … anywhere! (They also make amazing gifts for all the people at those places!!)


•TRUTH: I used my room spray on my sheets the other day. Just sprayed 3 sprays over my entire bed. That was last Friday. Today is Tuesday. I can still smell that Scentsy awesomeness! I won’t lie, I was so surprised! Really!! Usually when I use Febreze (or something similar) to freshen up fabrics around the house, I can’t even smell it within an hour. You know it’s true. But I was really blown away by the Scentsy spray.

So … brutal honesty time. Which is something I feel like a lot of consultants won’t offer customers because they’re too busy trying to rack up that commission. But I will. And I’m not tooting my own horn, I’m just laying it on the table. I’m not going to try & convince people to spend their hard earned money on crap products because I would feel lousy. One of the easiest parts of my job is being able to gush & 100% stand behind Scentsy products & their performance. Because it’s the truth!!

YES … Scentsy is pricier than similar products off the top.
BUT … You truly get your money’s worth. Truly. I can not stress this enough. Scentsy products are more durable & long lasting than any similar product on the market.

I digress. Haha. Typical. Back to room sprays …

They’re available in the following scents:
Favorites collection
Spring & Summer collection
Corner Café collection
Scentsy Man collection
Romance collection
Spa collection
Seven Seas collection

Every scent Scentsy offers.
Grab yours here!!

The latest regarding Casey Anthony, (aka The Whore of Satan), courtesy of Marinade Dave.

I don’t have time right at this moment to delve into the “Casey Anthony” discussion. Clearly from this post’s title I am not in favor of her breathing up so much oxygen that decent people could be using. But … I did want to share another blogger (much more famous than myself, of course) by the name of Marinade Dave. I’ve followed his blog since the beginning of the biggest judicial embarrassment in history (otherwise known as The Casey Anthony Trial) and I enjoy it very much. He’s unbiased, extremely insightful, very informative, and makes wickedly good points. There are a bajillion posts you can read if you’re an armchair detective like myself & enjoy that sort of thing when you have the time. If you’re just looking for the latest court/Whore of Satan related info, it’s a great spot to get it. Either way you should definitely check it out. It’ll be worth your while. Tell him this blog sent ya … I’m betting he’d appreciate knowing people are still paying attention even after all the hype.

Marinade Dave’s Super Fantabulous Blog

Beef & Bean Soup. Exceptionally delicious.

This is one of the best meals I’ve ever had, hence why it’s in my favorites collection. It’s quick, easy, and absolutely delicious. I promise.

The recipe is for a HUGE batch (and I’m not exaggerating) so if you don’t have a lot of mouths to feed simply cut all the ingredients in half.

You Need:

1–2 lbs ground beef
1 lb Velveeta cheese (the big rectangular block. Off brand is the exact same)
1 onion, chopped
2 cans pinto beans, drained
2 cans Rotel tomatoes (choose your spiciness level; you can either drain all the juice, half the juice, or none of the juice. It all depends on how soupy you want your beef & bean soup; off brand is also fine)
2 cans chili without beans
2 cans diced tomatoes (if you’re not a fan of canned &/or cooked tomatoes feel free to eliminate this step. Personally I just use 1 can. Again with deciding your level of juice)
1 cup sour cream (I usually buy the smallest container & use half of it. Another personal preference ingredient.)
Tortilla chips (regular, scoops, Fritos, Doritos…whatever you prefer)

1) Brown your beef & chopped onions in a skillet, then drain well.


2) While your meat & onions are cooking open all the canned ingredients, do whatever draining you’re going to do, and combine them all in a big ole’ pot.


3) Add the meat & onions. Stir it up & heat up for a minute. While it’s heating up, cube the entire block of Velveeta.


4) Once your Velveeta is cubed add it to the pot. Occasionally stir so it doesn’t stick to the pot.


5) When all of the cheese is melted completely, add the sour cream & stir well. Give it a minute to heat back up & serve in bowls with the chips on the side.


6) Dip your chips, eat with your spoon, don’t dribble on your shirt.   😉

Leave feedback!! I wanna know your thoughts. 🙂

New scents added to the Scent Pak line!!

Amalfi Coast
Italian citrus grove: sparkling pomelo, white grapefruit, Capri lime

Just Breathe
Eucalyptus, zesty lemon, mint medley

Love Story
Pink jasmine, dark chocolate, sensual amber

Surfer Chick
Bubbly lemon tonic, guava, sweet cherries, blackberries

Jasmine, sweet pea, freesia, juicy berries, sandalwood

Mums & Marigolds
Marigolds, rhubarb, cedar, musk

Paradise Punch
Indian orange, lemon juice, açai berries, starfruit

Vanilla flower, sandalwood, tuberose

Be Still
Mandarin, violet petals, sandal tree

Jumpin Jelly Bean
Pear, apple, lemon, sugar

Lush Gardenia
Gardenia, tuberose

Peach À La Mode
Peaches, sugar, vanilla cream

Refreshing, sharp, spicy, outdoors

White Sands
Jasmine, coconut milk, rice

Wishing Well
Rainwater, water hyacinth, green fern


Scent Paks are perfect for Scentsy Buddies, closets, gym bags, drawers, cars, lockers–anywhere you want a little touch of Scentsy!

Available in 44 total fragrances, $7 each.

Pick yours out here!!

Now presenting …

… the new warmers for Spring & Summer 2012!


Scentsy’s new charitable cause warmer! Heartfelt is $35 and the net proceeds benefit the American Heart Association. Help save a life!




The new silhouette collection features interchangeable metal wraps! You buy one warmer for $40 & can purchase additional wraps for $12/each. It’s like having 3 warmers in 1! (Linden, Loom, Lili)


Armerina $35


Ashbury $35


Bride $35


Citron $35


Montauk $35


Barista $30


Claremont $30


Verdigris $30


Windsor $30


Tiara $30


Contenta $25


Daphne $25


Bumblebee $20 (glows)


Damsel $20 (glows)


Lacewing $20 (glows)


Fizz $20 (glows)

Like what you see but don’t know if you can afford it? Scentsy is more affordable than you think with our Combine & Save packages!


Curious about all the new scents??

If you’re curious about all the new scents that have come to Scentsy for the 2012 spring & summer…you’ve come to the right place. Here they are, with a brief description. You’re welcome. 😉

Lonicera: honeysuckle, amber & patchouli. Think “spring garden”.

Simply Strawberry: strawberries. Think “exactly like the real thing. It Strawberry Shortcake dolls.”

Tingelo: tangelo, lemon, apricot, lychee berry. Think “sweet fruit & tangy citrus”.

Two Harbors: lemon, lime, vanilla, amber. Think “sounds like a weird combo but delightfully refreshing & summer-y”

Yuzu Dragon: guava, nectarine, dragonfruit, yuzu. Think “epitome of a fruit smell”

Lemon Coconut Chiffon: lemon custard, butter cake, toasted coconut. Think “nomalicious!”

Zeppelin: citrus, sage, sandalwood, vetiver. Think “manly, cologne, niiice”

RU N2 Me: pink pepper, deep woods, cassis. Think “a scent for everyone”

Awakening: white peach, vanilla, pineapple, amber. Think “invigorated senses”

Enliven: orchid, currant, sweet soft fruits, drop of coconut milk. Think “renewing & pleasant”


A little boy & a big fundraiser.

Some of you who know me may already know our story. This post is for those of you that may not, and to explain what I’m trying to do.

*Disclaimer* I can be long winded. That’s your only warning. 😉

In the summer of 2010 my husband & I noticed a lump on the right side of our two year olds belly. We did some Googling & figured it was a bellybutton hernia, which are apparently quite common in children. Nevertheless we made an appointment with the Pediatrician just to be sure. My first clue that we were wrong was when the Doctor didn’t know right away what it was. Whenever a Doctor doesn’t automatically hand you a diagnosis (especially with your children) you become worried. Instead he sent us to the hospital to have xrays & CT scans done. When the results came back in less than a few days, we were summoned to his office.

“It’s cancer.” I felt like someone dropped a boulder in my stomach. My butt wasn’t even completely in the seat and that’s what I heard. It’s not like in the movies, when you hear something like that in real life. At least not for us. There were no outbursts of tears or anger. Just open mouthed, silent disbelief. A billion thoughts crowded my head & swirled around at once. One of the main ones was “Surely to God he accidentally picked up the wrong file…I know he doesn’t mean OUR son.” I even mentally willed him to re-check the name & say “I’m so sorry folks, there’s been a mix up!”. But he didn’t. And when he didn’t is when I grabbed my husbands hand like a lifeline, already depending on him to help me survive this. The results were that our baby boy (who’s smile completely lit up a room) had a rare form of pediatric kidney cancer, stage II. The lump was actually a cancer-filled tumor inside his right kidney. How could something so ugly & horrid be inside our gorgeous, playful, funny, unique little boy?? His Doctor gave us the contact information for the “best team of doctors in the area” & made an appointment.

When we got back out to the car is when it really became real. Shaking, crying, wondering, nausea, confusion…the entire range of negative emotions a human being can have. Somehow we made it back home. Telling our families was surreal, almost like we were playing a sick joke. It seemed like everyone tiptoed around us because no one knew what to say. I remember we all sat on the porch for hours & repeated the same things in utter disbelief, while our son played in the yard with his two sisters. Yes, appearances can be mighty deceiving.

It became pretty fast paced after that. Once he went to his first appointment at the children’s hospital he didn’t leave for two weeks. It was explained to us that if the tumor inside his kidney happened to burst, cancer cells would spread throughout his body. He would need a right nephrectomy, removal of his entire right kidney. And the surgery would be precarious because of the risk of the tumor bursting mid-removal. He was admitted partially because his blood pressure was dangerously high & they had to get a handle on it before his surgery. The other reason was they wanted the tumor out as soon as possible, so the surgeon made room in his schedule for our son. I’ll spare every little detail & emotion & happenstance, although I would like to voice it one day. But this post is geared toward fundraising. In the end it was hard. At times almost excruciating. I am so thankful that both of our families rallied around & gave us support in so many ways. It would’ve been a thousand times worse if they hadn’t been there for us. The day of the surgery was the scariest day of my life since my Mom had passed away. Everyone worries when a loved one goes into surgery but it seemed our stakes were so high. God bless his extremely talented surgeon, Dr. Smith. When he came to us afterward & broke into a huge grin all I could do was cry & thank him repeatedly, we all did. It was a team of special people who overall saved our son, but I will always feel like Dr. Smith held a part of our future in his hands that day. The recovery & accompanying details are also for another blog post, maybe one day soon. Our strong baby boy recovered beautifully & today he plays, runs, jumps, eats, breathes, & LIVES like any other normal 3 year old. We are so thankful everyday. He goes every 3 months now to have imaging done (xrays & CT scans) just to keep a handle on things. So far so good, everything looks awesome.

He’ll turn 4 this month & I thought it would be a perfect tribute to his battle to host a fundraiser through Scentsy. Scentsy (in case you haven’t heard) are awesome wax warmers that use lightbulbs instead of a flame, and the wax doesn’t get above body temperature so it’s very very safe for children, pets, anyone! Scentsy is not only a perfect more-for-your-money alternative to candles but they also offer many other products as well: Buddies (stuffed animals!), room spray, scent circles (ie: hang in your car), travel tins (great for lockers!), body spray/wash/lotion, laundry care items…etc etc. A lot of people truly don’t realize how amazing AHHHMAZING these products are; how delicious & true to life they smell, the value they offer because of how long they last, the safety benefits, their appearance…I could go on and on. The bottom line is once you give in & buy one, you’re addicted. That’s part of the reason I love my job as a Scentsy consultant! I don’t have to lie to people to sell a junk product. I stand behind Scentsy products 100% and it’s so simple too!

My fundraiser will be going on during all of March. All you have to do if you’d like to order is go to my website ( and on the left hand side will be a list of parties. Just click the party referencing “St. Jude’s” & take a look around!! That easy. Then, 95% of my proceeds from the St. Jude’s Scentsy party will be donated to St. Jude’s!! I’ll even post a proof receipt on this blog.

I’m asking everyone to please, PLEASE help me get word out about my fundraiser. St. Jude’s depends on donations, etc to keep their doors open. They don’t turn any child away for ANY reason, EVER. They perform lifesaving procedures, check ups, research, nice hospitals for these awesomely brave kids, waiting room toys & activities, in-patient rooms…so so much more. Even if you’re not interested in Scentsy, it would mean so much if you could pass this blog link on, or my Scentsy site. All of my contact info will be listed at the bottom. It just takes a couple clicks to share online, and super easy to tell people in person–all they’d have to do is search my name on Scentsy’s main site.

Think about all the good that we can accomplish if we just band together and do it. This will help save lives, and be appreciated so greatly.

Thank you very much for your time!! =]

Heather Howell
Independent Scentsy Consultant

Heather’s Scentsy Site

Twitter: @heathrsgtscents


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